To reflect the determination and values that Molly McDermott exemplified during her 35 years of life by supporting women from Canada and developing nations who are seeking access to higher education. Molly overcame many personal challenges and barriers to become a loving family member, successful healthcare professional, community volunteer, dedicated athlete, and compassionate leader.

Molly’s family is both Algonquin and European. She embraced both worlds with exemplary skill and enthusiasm. Through her travels she became involved, early in her life, with Plenty Canada’s cross-cultural engagement of peoples from around the world. Before pursuing higher education she chose to travel to Africa where she
lived and learned about sustainable community development from Plenty Canada’s African Program Director, Mwana Bermudes.

As such, it is only fitting that the first recipient of the Molly McDermott Memorial Fund is Antoinette Mhlanga from South Africa (see

for more information). Memorial funds were collected from friends who knew Molly or were inspired by her story to initiate a fund in her honour.